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Since 1996, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School (SEASCS) has provided a quality Catholic education to children in the northwest area of Houston from Pre-K through 8th grades. At SEASCS, our strong Classical curriculum forms students to recognize and appreciate Beauty, Truth, and Goodness. Excellence is evidenced across the curriculum at all grade levels, from the study of Dante’s Inferno in literature, to singing great works by important composers in music class, to the discovery of the order and harmony of the universe through the mathematical and scientific disciplines. 


Classical education aims to form the whole of the human person by fostering virtue. Drawing on the great intellectual tradition of Western civilization, students are led to appreciate the interrelatedness of all knowledge. The depth and breadth of a Classical education forms students to become free thinkers, shape the culture and become leaders in society.

Classical education is based on three stages of development of the student’s mind known as the trivium:

In the Grammar stage, students learn the building blocks that will prepare them for later study. Memorization is fun at this age! Facts, vocabulary, rules of phonics and grammar, stories, poetry, and songs all make up a part of this grammar of learning.

In the Logic stage, students learn to ask questions and think through arguments, asking “Why?” about the world around them. They explore the interrelated aspects of various disciplines and ideas of cause and effect, preparing them for the third stage

In the Rhetoric stage, students have reached a level capable of more abstract thought. They apply the thinking processes learned in the Logic stage with the building blocks of the Grammar stage to learn to express ideas clearly and creatively in speech and writing.

Through this process of education imbued with the richness of Catholic Tradition students develop academically, spiritually, physically, and socially to seek their vocational call: to know, love and serve God in this life, and to be with him forever in the next.