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Middle School

Our middle school program challenges sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students to explore their talents academically, physically, and socially. During this time of rapid growth and change, students are given opportunities to extend their academic horizons, develop leadership abilities, and take great responsibility for their own lives.

Our middle school academic program prepares students for success in high school and college. The curriculum emphasizes a solid understanding of our Catholic faith, English language arts, classical literature, mathematics, science, and Latin. Students also receive regular instruction in physical education, traditional choral music, and art history/art techniques. Through our counseling program, students interact with adult mentors and fellow students as they develop the social skills needed to work through the challenging middle and high school years.

 As part of their spiritual formation, middle school students put their faith into action through service hours. Middle schoolers attend age-appropriate retreats to deepen their faith and aid them in their walk with Christ. School-wide service projects reflect our conviction that growing in a spirit of charity and stewardship is essential to each child’s spiritual and social growth.