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 Our elementary school program (1st through 5th grades) builds the academic skills necessary for all future learning. Students grow in their faith as they experience the love and truth of Christ through religion classes, the Sacraments, and involvement in our Catholic traditions. In first through third grades, students expand their general knowledge in reading, math, sciences, and social studies. Hands-on experimentation and field trips reinforce classroom lessons and make learning fun.


The academic program in the fourth and fifth grades becomes more challenging as students prepare to enter middle school. In upper elementary grades, emphasis is placed on refining critical thinking and problem-solving abilities while developing specific subject knowledge. Organization and study skills are integrated into all areas of study. The program helps students to establish a solid foundation in the core subjects.

Students in first through fifth grade participate in auxiliary classes that complement the classical curriculum. This includes regular instruction in religion, art, music, library, Spanish, physical education, health, and computer.