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Carpool Procedures

In order to provide a safe environment for the arrival and dismissal of our students, drop-off and pick up procedures have been established. It is imperative that we have the cooperation of all parent/guardians.

During both morning and afternoon carpool times, students are required to walk between and next to cars. Your diligent attention of the movement of all children is required.

Carpool Map

Morning Drop-Off:

  • All students are to be dropped off in front of the Education Center.
  • No student is to be dropped off in the parking lot area, the CLC, or pavilion
  • Students will exit and enter cars from the passenger side.
  • Students must not be on school grounds before 7:20 AM, unless at morning extended day care. · Only an adult should retrieve book bags from the trunk of a vehicle.
  • Drivers will form two lines (one next to the Education Building sidewalk and one adjacent to the Family Life Center) and pull forward, completely, to allow as many cars as possible to drop off. Please follow this procedure in order to insure the safety and security of your child.


Afternoon Pickup:

  • Carpool (individual/group) will be assigned a carpool number / letter to be placed in the window of the car. (All students must have a carpool number regardless of their after school plan.)
  • SEAS Staff members will walk students to the vehicle.
  • Only adults may retrieve or deposit book bags in trunks.
  • DO NOT exit your vehicle while in carpool line to search for your child/children.
  • If your child has not responded to his page, you will be asked to move around the corner (in front of the Pavilion) while a staff member tries to locate him/her.
  • No children will be allowed to walk to cars in parking lot unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Students ARE NOT to be picked up in any area other than the designated carpool area.
  • Drivers will form ONE line for afternoon pick-up, next to the Education Building sidewalk.

Pre-Kindergarten – 2nd grade vehicles will form a line next to the Education Building for 3:15 dismissal. 3rd – 8th grade vehicles can form a line next to the Family Life Center until 3:30, when they can then merge into the dismissal line next to the Education Building sidewalk. Please do not use the Huffmeister entrance before 3:15 unless you have a Pre-K –  2nd grade student.

Late Pickup: Please Be On Time For Carpool.

  • Any student, who has not been picked up within 30 minutes after dismissal, is considered a “late pickup” and will be walked to our After School Program. The $50.00 registration fee plus $10.00 hourly fee will be applied. This fee must be paid at the time of pick-up.
  •  “Late pickup” begins at 3:45 p.m.
  •  “Late pickups” will be charged $1.00 per student for each minute the parent/guardian/daycare/carpool is late.      “The fee is due at the time of pick-up.”
  •  Only those children who are supervised by a sponsor and are participating in an approved activity may be on the campus after 3:45 PM (brothers, sisters or other carpool member may NOT wait for a participant in an approved activity or for someone in detention).
  •  All students attending after school activities must be picked up at the designated time or a $1.00 per minute late charge will be assessed and is due at pick-up.
  •  Parents and guardians must notify the individual day care when there is an early dismissal.
  •  If you pick up a sick child from school, please remember to inform the other parents in your multi-family carpool, so they will not look for your child at carpool time and may make the necessary changes in arranging how the other students in that carpool will be picked up.